September 16, 2012

How to Use Hydroponics Cloning Systems

Using hydroponics cloning systems is regarded as being the most sufficient way to propagate plant cuttings for transplant into any growing substrate that you desire to grow plants in.

You can buy cloning machines, and these machines make use of an aeroponic mist application that ensures aeration and rooting to give you the healthiest inherent plants.

The basics of how to use hydroponics cloning systems are universally applicable.

Let's assume that your system includes a one-gallon container, which is fairly standard.

  • Fill this box with fresh water and, following the manufacturer's guidelines, add B1 growth hormone. You'll need some rockwool cubes.
  • These you will soak overnight in the B1-water solution.
  • After you soak them overnight, mix together your B1-water solution and then add in a nutrient solution to the mix.
  • Just corollary the instructions that come with these hydroponics cloning supplies.

In the basin of the motor there will be a fogger unit.

  1. Pour your mixture into the basin until you've covered the fogger unit with half an inch of it.
  2. Replace the lid on the machine.
  3. In the holes in the top, place net pots, and fill these up halfway with HydroClay, which is someone else one of your hydroponics cloning supplies.
  4. Plant a rockwool cube in each one of the these net pots, and then cover each cube over with more HydroClay.
  5. Then you can turn on your fogger unit.

Constantly monitor the water level in the cloner motor and keep all nicely filled with your B1-water solution and concentrated nutrient solution. Keep your greenhouse at 72 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

While these are the basic, elemental instructions for using hydroponics cloning systems, there will be variations, since there are different, competing hydroponics cloner machines and makers of the basic supplies.

  • For instance, one of the biggest selling hydroponics cloner machines is The Super Mist 25. As the name implies, you can grow anywhere from one to 25 hydroponic cuttings in this cloner machine.

Here is what is included with this machine, which was designed to be as uncomplicated to use as possible:

1 stockroom 14" x 14" x 12" (Reservoir color may vary)

1 ViaAqua Submersible Water Pump (1 year builder warranty and 315 Gph capacity)

1 Spray multiple with 13 Jet Mist Sprayers (The builder claims that no other cloning motor of this size will boast this spray coverage)

25 2" Net Cups

25 2" High Density Neoprene Inserts (These will last the life of the machine)

1 1/4" Plastic top cut to hold 25 2" Net Cups (This is very durable material and will not break). The top sits down in the stockroom to prevent any possibility of leakage or over spray.

This is one example of a hydroponics cloner machine.

  • You can assess different machines online and at your local garden supply stores.
  • Hydroponics gardening and cloning are two of the most appealing activities that you can engage in if you love to grow things in your greenhouse.

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